Integrity is the foundation that honor is built on

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Perception & Law Enforcement

"Speak, so that I may see you." - Socrates

Is perception reality?
Are both green lines the same length?
If you perceive that a bad guy is pointing a gun at you, does the fact that you are wrong make him any less dead? If someone perceives your testimony as a lie, does the fact that they are wrong still convict the bad guy? Perception matters and can often be modified with knowledge.
Sheep Dogs and Perception
How should a police officer view himself in comparison to everyone else? Lt. Col. Dave Grossman wrote on of the most profound explanantions I have ever read. You can find it here:
Invisible Suspects and Evidence
Have you heard: "If you claim you did not see it then you must be a liar, it was right in front of you." Do you question whether something is wrong with you? The explanation can be found here:
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